Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Day of Rachel's Heat Exhaustion

(Right) It was over 100 degrees in the D.C. area today, and I estimate about 80-90% humidity. We were all really hot. Curtis, who works for the parks and rec department, was using a hose to help people cool off. Reallly thoughtful fellow.

(Left) Iwo Jima Memorial

Okay, so we got up too late. It was a long night! And we had no breakfast. Having no restaurants in this hotel is probably the one and only thing I don't like about it. (Which also means no adult beverages.) Anyway, we get started late, head to the Iwo Jima memorial. After we (acted like tourists) took many pictures, I realized I had worn my Steelers Chucks the day before, and left the gel inserts in them, so we had to make a u-turn. It really wasn't too far back to the hotel, but it's only 10 o'clock, and it's already over 90 degrees with over 90% humidity. Ugh.
Back to the hotel, really hungry. Buy food from vending machines. Ugh. Get gel inserts, head back out. It's hotter. More humid. Ugh.
Head to Arlington Cemetery. Rachel says we have to eat. "Can we do this later, on the way back?" So we really don't see the Cemetery. We just kinda pass through. As we get to the end of the Cemetery, there is a memorial to women soldiers, and it's air conditioned, so we stop there and look around. Buy a few postcards, some ice cold water, and get ready to cross Arlington Memorial Bridge.
It's over 100 degrees in the shade with unbearable humidity. We keep truckin'. We remember the soldiers who served our country in Vietnam, Iraq. Where the humidity and the temperature are high, and the spirits are just as high. We just keep on goin'.
We finally get to Lincoln Memorial, get ready to cross the street. In a crosswalk. IN A CROSSWALK. Did I say in a crosswalk??? So we almost get run over. This idiot in a convertible doesn't see us. We hear screeching of tires and smell burning of brakes. (Really, you could smell the brakes...) He yells at us. He yells at us! What???
You know, in California, pedestrians have the right of way. They do. Really. It's actually a state law. Maybe in D.C. pedestrians don't have the right of way when there's a really fancy convertible with a rich man driving? I'll have to look that up.
In any case, there was an exchange of profanities, and we went on our way.
Look ahead, Rachel. There's food. Yes. We have our food; Rachel admits to eating too fast. Now she feels a little sick. But look! There's the place where Forrest sees Jenny and runs across the water ("the Reflecting Pool," thanks Brandon)! Let's go check it out, k? K. More acting like tourists, taking pictures, down to the water, more pictures. Rachel pukes. Well, just a little, into her mouth. Off to the bathroom.
It's time to go back to the hotel. We grab a taxi, get back to the hotel eventually. You know, twice it has happened that we've been in taxis and they don't know where this hotel is -- or at least how to get here. Amazing. In California, taxis do know their way around. I'm just sayin. And hey -- did you know that it was 75 degrees in Sacramento today??? I'm just sayin.
Rest. Swim. Break pool rules. Typical day for us.
Dinner time rolls around; Rachel is feeling better, let's eat! We order in from a really, really, really yummy BBQ place called "Red, Hot and Blue". We both order the five-meat combo with two St. Louis style ribs, pulled pork, pulled chicken, beef brisket and smoked sausage. (Is your mouth watering? Are your taste buds tingling?) On the side, we have mac and cheese -- from a box "BS" says Rachel -- , fried okra, sweet potato, and steam green beans. Along with really delicious corn bread muffins.
Now it's after 7; all the museums are closed; all the places of interest, basically, are closed. So, we decide to just wander. We consult our favorite concierges (Neal and Andre), and we're off to Georgetown via the Georgetown shuttle -- which only costs $1! Sacramento doesn't have one of these! There are definite benefits to being in a big city area.
Really not-so-exciting walk along "M" Street. Go in a few shops, buy a few books (guess what genre Rachel buys? Just guess, go ahead...) Stop in a few more shops. Gonna buy some souvenirs. Do you take Visa? "For 50 dolla." What? I have to spend 50 dolla! Guess he's not getting our business. Next touristy looking shop we stop at (to buy playing cards for the LONG train ride tomorrow), I leave the books there.
We stop in to a pub to listen to live jazz, Rachel says, "Where's the bag?" What?!? Okay, run out the door, find the shop. Dude is so helpful; he has the bag behind the counter. Refused a picture, though. Phew.
Jazz over, let's go. There's a motorcade down "M" Street!!!! This is like the coolest thing we've seen in D.C. so far!! Lots of sirens, big black SUVs, police cars, even an ambulance! Wish we'd known. Coulda got a picture.
Get back on the Georgetown Shuttle, go to the Rosslyn Metro station, get a cab back to the hotel. He gets lost. Hmmm. Well, we're back anyway. Now it's time for bed. Big day tomorrow. Probably no blog for a while unless the bed and breakfast in New Orleans has a computer. Mine is still not working. I can still check messages on my phone, so if you really feel like talking to me (cuz I really don't have any people like Rachel does), you can send me an email at teachermouse@gmail.com.

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  1. I can't believe you guys were in that heat!!!! I have been thinking "Thank goodness we traveled to Philly when we did" but I forgot that we left you behind! Stay cool super travel girl :-)