Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Wet One (in More Ways Than One)

After about 20 minutes of constant, heavy (torrential) downpour, this (above) is what one of the intersections looked like. At this point, I took my shoes off and splashed through the streets.

Wet Willies (right) is a locally famous institution in Savannah on the Riverfront. I had a "Call A Cab" made with 190 proof liquor (!). It tasted like a cherry Slurpee :)

We met Tomeeko and Cherrie (left) while waiting in the one-hour long line to eat at Mrs. Wilkes (food shown below). It was a Wednesday afternoon!

You can see how wet Rachel and I are (below). And that was just the beginning!

Tuesday, July 13. Savannah, Georgia.
Amtrak Station, Savannah, Georgia. 10 p.m. Tired, exhausted. Ready for hotel room. "Burt" (taxi driver) walks up to us, "Need a taxi?" We tell him yes and tell him where we are going. He proceeds to then ask all other people coming off the train if they need a taxi. What? He's abandoning us! No, he's actually seeing if he can get a better fare. No luck apparently; he comes back to us after we have our luggage. Very friendly, perhaps overly friendly. Welcomes us to Savannah. Asks if it's our first time... Well, yes, it is. "Oh I do you a favor. I turn off the meter for you." Huh? Umm, okay, I'm a little scared. It's dark, it's a shady part of town (Amtrak stations usually are in this part of town), and he's turning off the meter...? I can feel Rachel's angst. It's like an invisible, silent passenger sitting between us. Angst. Um, Dexter, where are you? I think we're about to be slaughtered... Um, help? Driving along the streets in Savannah, dark, alone. I'm thinking, 'how can I protect us?' Oooou, I know. I can swing my backpack at his head; it has my computer in it, and it's really heavy. I haven't been able to use the stupid thing since Pittsburgh, so now it will be useful. It'll knock him out for sure. Found out later, Rachel was thinking along the same lines. Only she was thinking what she could use as a weapon... her pen, maybe?
Okay, enough drama. Burt was just an overly friendly guy trying to make a buck. He gave us a handwritten card ("ran out, so I just wrote the stuff down"). Wanted us to call him for a "tour". Yea, right. Dexter? Think I may have a "case" for you...
The Marshall House is located on one of the main streets in downtown Savannah. It's very quaint, both inside and out. AND it's a bed and breakfast. BUT, I didn't realize that. The guy at the desk tells us breakfast is from 7-10, so I ask, "for free?" Rachel makes fun of me. She is still making fun of me. Hey, I didn't know. Fourth floor, up the elevator. The room is so quaint. SMALL is a better word. But the bed, well, the bed was so HUGE, we could have fit an entire football team in between us. Okay, maybe not an entire team; that's just exaggerating. Just the quarterback (Ben Roethlisberger, please), and maybe a safety or two. (Polamalu. Please?) Sleep for the night. Text Jed the next morning. Where to go? Stay close to Bull Street. Historic Center. Forsythe Park. Riverfront. So, we're off. Down Bull Street, on every block is a park. The parks are dedicated to people who helped to build Savannah. In each park is a statue or a memorial to this person or that person. They are all very beautiful. Pictures? Yes, but on Rachel's camera -- no pluggie guy. Remember?
Lunch. Where should we go for lunch? One suggestion takes us in one direction, we start walking. Then, we hear another suggestion, have to turn around and go back. Mrs. Wilkes. Very long line. It's worth it. If you ever get to Savannah, I highly suggest you join Mrs. Wilkes for lunch. They're only open from 11-2, so get in line at about 10:45. Ever been to Buca di Beppo? TEN TIMES BETTER. Southern food. Sit at a table with a bunch of strangers. Make friends. Eat food. More food. Even more food. Who wants dessert? Huh? Dessert? Banana pudding (mmm, remember my last adventure with banana pudding?) and peach cobbler (still warm...).
Now that we are too stuffed to breathe, let's go for a walk. Ever been in Savannah? In the south, on the east coast? "Intermittent, severe thunderstorms" in the forecast. At one point, I thought I was going to die -- struck by lightning, right in front of me. It missed. But it really was right in front of me. Check my pants. Yea, still clean. That was close. Then, BAAAANNNNGGGG. BOOOOMMMMM. LOUD thunder. Really LOUD. Pants check again. Still okay. Follow that by torrential downpour. More lightning, more thunder, more rain. Forget trying to stay under cover. Let's just have fun in this mess.
We got soaking wet, through and through. I took my sneakers off. Why get them wet? I have never giggled so much in my (adult) life. Almost peed my pants. Time to go to the hotel for dry clothes. Down to the riverfront. Reminds me of being in New Hampshire in the summer (NH is not quite this hot or this humid), but you know, the shops along the riverfront. All so quaint, all the gift shops. All the opportunities to spend money. Let's go to Wet Willies. Our friend, Burt, recommended Wet Willies. Yes, he recommended "Call A Cab" (wonder why?) Um, wait! Oysters on the half shell! Raw! Where else can you get 'em? On the riverfront, on the oceanfront. Haven't had raw oysters (really want clams) in a long time. Mmmmm. Rachel hates 'em. But I gotta say, at least she tried 'em.
Back to the hotel. Hey, it's dinner snack time (yes, for free). They serve wine and cheese. Sure, I'll indulge. Two, please. Um, remember the Call A Cab? 190 proof... now the wine....
Savannah is a great city. I look forward to my next visit. :)

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